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Enjoy Excellent Customer Service and Complete Cost-Effectiveness.

Fast, effective and friendly--those are the qualities that drive everything we do. First-time clients as well as customers who have used other credit repair companies stick with us! We always focus on your satisfaction, and we spare no expense to supply the highest levels of customer service throughout the process. We will work with you one-on-one to achieve the results you need through our credit repair programs. And to assist you every step of the way, we'll appoint a dedicated case advocate to manage your credit repair project. He or she is someone who will always be available to answer any question you may have.

Some tricks of the trade are common among many individuals who work in the credit repair business. Like any line of work, others come from knowing the intricacies of a variety of situations and circumstances. While some strategies might help one client, they might be not apply to another, even if he or she has similar circumstances. When you hire a credit company, keep this in mind. At Vitesse Financial, clients know they are getting credit repair service from a company that won't waste their time or money. We know the credit industry inside and out, which allows us to spend our time effectively as we work to improve your credit.

What Can a New Client Expect?

Vitesse Financial has a large base of clients--and we get calls from new ones all the time! When a new customer contacts us for professional credit repair, the first thing we do is examine the reasons the client needs help. This requires us to learn about the individual's needs, as well as his or her credit history. For example, does the client want to qualify for a home loan in the short-term? Or does the client want to improve a credit score that has been damaged by circumstances occurring over the past few months or longer? We then recommend programs that will provide credit history repair based on the client's precise ratings and goals.

Why are your goals as important as your credit score? This helps us provide credit report repair that precisely meets your needs, history, and circumstances. It also allows our representatives to provide you with accurate information every consumer should know in making financial decisions, particularly those that can positively or negatively affect credit ratings. We recognize that any credit repair help we provide can be solidified by the habits and decisions clients make in their own daily transactions--therefore, we provide new clients with services, as well as sound advice.